Our Services

QuickBooks Online Setup

This service is a full and complete setup of your entire accounting system. Take advantage of our first year subscription discounts for QuickBooks that are 40-50% off the regular subscription price. Our services are specially tailored to your industry and specialized to your business. We custom design your system for your business. Whether you love or hate numbers, your system will be set up with you in mind. If you use other services for processing credit cards or sending payments to your vendors, we can link the systems so they communicate together! Let us help bridge the gaps between your systems so your business technology is fully integrated.

Management Accounting Services

Let us help decipher what those numbers mean! We specialize in helping businesses understand their reports so responsible decisions can be made. Whether deciding to expand, purchasing new equipment, or hiring more staff, let the numbers decide when and if it’s the right time. We can help you review your pricing to ensure your margins are right for your industry and to meet your goals. 


You do what you do best and leave the books to us! Full service bookkeeping with monthly reports provided within two weeks of the month closing. Don’t let your financials fall behind when business picks up. Let us help you! Charleston is known for its many seasonal businesses. Let us help when you’re busy.


If you’re a “do it yourself” business owner or ready to pass the reins to someone in-house, let us help guide you in establishing good bookkeeping and accounting habits. We can lead you on a tour of your QuickBooks system and teach you how each part works. We can help you streamline your process to save you time and sanity. If you’re ready to hand off the responsibility, let us make sure your in-house support staff is maintaining your records in the proper manner.


Fixed overhead, recurring annual expenses, payroll- let us help you understand your cash flow each month so you can plan ahead! We review accounting for dozens of businesses, let us help you decide where you can afford to cut back, or where you should invest more to help your business grow. 

Sales Tax

If you’re getting ready to sell products, or perhaps already sell products and need to get your filings caught up, we’re experts on Sales Tax here in South Carolina.

Fix My Books!

Was your system set up or maintained incorrectly? Maybe it needs to be adjusted for your reports to be accurate. We love fixing it and teaching you how to do it right, moving forward!

Catch Up

Did the busy season hit and you fell behind…two years ago? Not a problem. We can get you caught up in no time so you can get your taxes filed correctly and point you in the right direction.