Who is Launch Accounting?

Alicia Van Sickle

Founder/Managing Partner of Launch Accounting LLC in 2015

Alicia Van Sickle

Alicia has worked in Bookkeeping, Accounting and Audit since 2001. Gaining experience in audit and office management while studying at The State University of New York at Buffalo, she continued to expand her focus to the various areas of Accounting after graduating. In an effort to further compliment her knowledge in Accounting, she expanded her expertise to Human Resources in 2005. She quickly became educated on the best possible ways for companies to manage their benefits, payroll tax liabilities and related budgets.

In 2010, seeking to further grow into new frontiers of business compliance, she shifted her skill set into Healthcare. Adding an in depth knowledge of medical billing, insurance policy and credentialing compliance, state and federal compliance, HIPPA and healthcare reform.

Since relocating to Charleston, SC in 2013 she’s worked as a Management and Financial Accountant. Currently working with small to medium businesses for all of their accounting needs. She specializes in the integration of cloud based systems for business solutions and on-demand programs for e-commerce retailers.

Marshall Willis

PartnerMarshall Willis - Partner

Marshall Willis joined Launch Accounting as Partner, in July 2016. He specializes in IT Services, online platform management and integration. He brings over a decade of technical and creative experience to our team. A Charleston native, he brings an in-depth knowledge of the Charleston region, tourism and seasonal industry changes of the area.